Writing Through The Story Cubes Maze

Another week, another set of Story Cubes. And another obstacle course through which I need to thread my words. I mentioned last week that some sets work better than others, and this week is definitely one of the more challenging ones.

Prompts: Pyramid, padlock, house, cane, sad face, compass rose/arrows in many directions, bug/beetle, magic wand, skyscraper

The pyramid, skyscraper and magic wand were the three I pulled out to start with, since they were the most challenging to work into an Exeter story. (No skyscrapers in a small town.) I finally decided this was a good time to write something I had planned to put in Intricate Dance before I narrowed its scope to a year. By the end of the week, you guys should get a chance to see Ellie as a child visiting Exeter… and a few other characters as well, including Becca.

While I’m working on my story, I figured I’d throw the prompts out there for anybody else looking to try this type of Story Cubes Challenge. If you do, please leave a link in comments – I’d love to see what else people are writing with the Cubes. And if you’re not sure where to start, I posted a tip sheet last week.