Where Do You Write?

One of my writing views...

I find I do my best writing in coffee shops. Caffeine, enough going on that it’s not silent and a limitation on distractions. Writing on my iPad helps with the last of those — switching apps cuts down on the temptation for doing something else, especially compared to when there are multiple windows open on my desktop.

My favorite coffee shop is open late, but it’s the latest of the three downtown ones to open in the morning and isn’t open Sundays. So Sunday mornings, I go to the other coffee shop I like. I’ve got a regular seat, best on days when the sky is cloudy. This morning it was raining, and traffic was light. The view is a quirky little street, one I’ve come to enjoy. Today it inspired me to think about my novel revisions in a different light, providing clarity I’d lost somewhere along the way.

Where do you write?

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  1. Today, apparently, the place to write was during UU service in my large Moleskine with an ink pen. A couple of scenes for the piece Joe and I are working on nagged until I gave in and started writing.

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