What’s Your Favorite Bookstore?

There’s a thread over on Kindle Boards about best bookstores. My personal favorite doesn’t fit because it’s a used bookstore, but it’s also a marvelous place that I wanted to share. The Shire’s located in an old textile mill in my hometown of Franklin, Mass., and it’s filled floor to ceiling with what must be thousands of books.

My high school Latin teacher first recommended the Shire to me, though I didn’t become a regular until after college when I had started collecting vintage kids’ mystery series. It wasn’t long before I was stopping in weekly, browsing for books that caught my eye. Since I have wide-ranging interests, many of them did in all different areas. That’s probably the best part about the Shire — it has something for everybody.

Jean and Jack, the owners, are always willing to help you find what you’re looking for. They’ll also stop to chat if you have the time. I don’t get back to Franklin more than a couple of times a year, but I have been known to stop at the Shire before I even arrive at my parents’ house.

My first ebook I read was a 1970s nonfiction title, The Buffalo Creek Disaster. I got it on ebook a year ago because I knew it wouldn’t be possible to get it locally and I didn’t want to wait for it to ship. It’s since become a favorite. So when I was visiting my family in August, I headed to that section of the Shire to see if there was a chance they would have a copy. Sure enough, they not only had one, they had a first edition hardcover. Totally made my day. I love ebooks, and I love the convenience, but there’s nothing to beat browsing in a bookstore and discovering something you either never thought you’d find or never knew you wanted to read.

What’s your favorite bookstore?

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    1. Woohoo! Love local bookstores, especially the indie-friendly kind. My local one, Sacred Circle in Staunton, Va., also is indie-friendly, and local-author friendly.

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