‘The best thing to do is to write crazy good books and stories and get them out into the market.’ James Scott Bell on indie publishing

Tomorrow kicks off a weekly series, inspired in part by the number of people who really enjoyed reading Robert Bidinotto’s interview and getting his perspective on going the indie publishing route. So between recommendations from people whose opinions I value and knowing some good authors of books I’ve read, I’ve got Indie Interviews coming with writers who have chosen to self-publish some or all of their work and are known for doing it well.

First up is a name pretty much every writer knows, or should know. James Scott Bell just published his latest writing book, Conflict and Suspense, through Writers Digest, but he also has published several novellas and short stories on his own this year. Come back tomorrow to get his thoughts on indie publishing and how whatever the route, it comes down to wanting to write “crazy good books and stories and get them out into the market.”