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Several of you have asked if there’s anything you can do now that Thrown Out is published. So I figured I’d post this here. Amazon only lets you put a book in two categories, even though it has a few thousand. Their alternative is tags, but it takes 20-25 people tagging a book to put it in a category. Since this is a short story collection, and the topics vary, there are several other possible categories for it beyond the two I picked. If you wouldn’t mind taking five minutes and going to the book’s page and clicking on the tags that are there, I’d really appreciate it. The tags make it more likely that Amazon recommends it to people who might enjoy reading it.


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  1. I wasn’t aware of the Tag alternative. It’s nice to have that feature available to bring attention to the books … Best wishes with Thrown Out!

    1. Thanks, Joanne! Yes, it is a good way to help Amazon sort through the books, especially ones on specific topics. As an example, Terri Giuliano Long’s “In Leah’s Wake” novel has some family and parenting tags. It’s No. 1 or 2 in those categories because people browsing for those types of books or fiction that deals with those issues are most likely to like her book. (Though I have no kids and I thoroughly enjoyed it as well – it’s not an all-or-nothing proposition.)

      In my case, one of the stories deals with LGBT issues, while another tackles some women’s issues, a third is mob-centric and the last one deals with bullying. Not on purpose – I was just trying to tell the stories of the characters – but because those issues are integral to who they are. Tagging hopefully will let people interested in stories that touch on those find them more easily.

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