Story Cubes – Week 2 update

When I first started this challenge, I figured I’d write between 500 and 1,000 words for each week. Well, Week 2 is at 2,000 words and counting. It’s been a fun story to tell in some ways, a chance to dig into a character who plays a key role in the series, yet one I hadn’t fully explored in my drafting to date. The challenge entry definitely will provide the basis for a chapter in Book 1, though the setup will need some changes.

It’s a look into some of the darkest elements in Exeter’s history, ones that I’ve known about for a while. Recent public events (*cough* Whitey *cough*), however, have gotten me thinking more about just how dark this past is, and how tales of the past can turn even the most gruesome reality into nothing more than an entertaining story when softened by time and space. Just think about how many fairy tales are, at the heart, pretty brutal sequences of events.

I’m hoping to finish the draft tonight, though I’ve thought of a structural change that will make it more compelling. Still debating if I’ll do that for the challenge entry, or save it for the novel version rewrite…