Review: Stay Tuned, by Lauren Clark

Stay TunedStay Tuned by Lauren Clark
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Stay Tuned was interesting from the beginning because it centered around a newsroom, though in a different medium from mine (newspapers). Melissa, the main character, has an engaging voice and stepping into her daily chaos was an immediate hook. It was easy to relate as Melissa, the station’s evening news producer/den mother, gets overwhelmed by everything going on in her life. There were several plot threads, and they could easily have gotten confused, but Clark never let anyone besides her heroine get muddled by them. The writing was polished and Clark’s TV news experience came through in the realism of the story.

The one place I felt the book had some room to improve was the ending, which felt like it wrapped up all the disparate threads a little too quickly before jumping into the epilogue. But it was consistent with the characters and their actions up to that point, so while there was room to improve it, I wouldn’t consider what’s there to be bad.

Overall, Stay Tuned is a great read with vivid characters and an entertaining plot. I’d definitely read Clark’s next book.

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10 Comments on “Review: Stay Tuned, by Lauren Clark”

  1. Thank you Jennie! I really appreciate all of the thoughtful comments. Yes, for me, endings are hard to write and I will keep your suggestions in mind when it comes to finishing up Dancing Naked in Dixie.

    I hope you’ll enter Friday’s Facebook contest 🙂

    ~ Lauren

    1. It was a great read – kept me up past my bedtime last night! 🙂 Endings are tough – my mom had the same criticism of my next book when she read the draft last week, which might be why I noticed it. Good luck on your next book – can’t wait to read it!

  2. People say the same thing about my book too. Sigh, endings. The ending of Stay Tuned was my favorite part, when the characters and the story got totally real. I actually cried, which I almost never do when reading (save for Marley & Me).

    1. Endings are tough — they have to deliver on the promise of the rest of the book. I think they’re the hardest part to write, even though beginnings get much more attention. This was a case where I liked the developments in the ending, but the overall pacing felt off.

    1. I’m glad I connected with you, too — and I recommended Stay Tuned to a friend of mine at one of our company’s TV stations. 🙂

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