Published: Thrown Out: Stories From Exeter

It’s official! My first book, Thrown Out: Stories from Exeter, is published — and the first copy sold within minutes. The official release date is tomorrow, but I wanted to post the link here for everybody who’s been reading this blog. I hope you enjoy! Reviews, comments and questions are very much appreciated.

Get to know the residents of Exeter in this collection of short stories. In Bones of the Past, Ellie learns some old secrets lurking underneath the small town peace. Step back 10 years in Thrown Out as Chris must decide if he’ll let old scars come between him and what he’s building with Dan. F.X. O’Leary can see something is very wrong with his grandchildren, but he must enlist Riordan’s help for an End Run when his son Joe won’t let him help. Finally, in the 40 years they’ve known each other, Becca and Riordan have perfected this Intricate Dance between them.

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