Lessons Learned in a Year of Change

In the past year, I learned a lot. Much of it — no surprise — was what NOT to do while training.

  • Consistently running makes a difference, but everything else needs to be consistent, too
  • Moving is great for making big changes because you’re getting into all new routines, but it still takes effort not to slip back into old habits
  • Going out too fast in a race will come back to bite you in the second half
  • Allow extra time when taking mass transit for a race, especially if there are big gaps in train times
  • Compression socks are definitely a thing, especially after races

  • Foam rolling and cross-training is not optional
  • KT Tape is a temporary fix, not a long-term solution

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  • What finally screams in agony often isn’t the actual problem, just the point that couldn’t pick up the load for the muscle that actually needs help
  • The bulk of training should be easy, but hitting goals in races requires embracing the suck in both quality workouts and on race day
Speedwork made a big difference this year, once I had the base to be able to incorporate it well.
  • Training the mind for success is harder than training the body
  • Sometimes it takes more than one season to hit a BHAG (big, hairy, audacious goal)
  • Goals change, and that’s OK
  • Running is an awesome way to meet new people and to enjoy time together with friends

    Long run with some fellow Sub-30 Club members as we prepped for NYC Half.
  • #HillsForBreakfast is a thing, and it pays off
  • Get out of your own mental way and you’ll surprise yourself

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