Google+ and writing workshops

Since I got on Google+ in its second week, the thing I’ve liked the best is how many writers I’ve connected with. I’ve been so swamped, I haven’t had a chance to really look at each and what their specialties are. But having all the writing chatter in my feed has helped me keep focus during a crazy few weeks.

The newest bit is an upcoming writer’s workshop, something the group is trying for the first time this weekend. The idea is we each post a piece that’s less than 1,000 words (or portion of a piece). We comment on what other writers have posted; they comment on our work. We’re not supposed to respond to our own posts for 24 hours, probably to make sure we take time to absorb the feedback, and let each post get critical mass.

It’s a great idea, one that can harness the good points of this new social network so we can help each other. This afternoon before work, I’m taking a step back from my various WIPs in Exeter to read, revise, assess and decide which one makes sense to workshop. It’s a good chance to get some feedback on the pieces from other writers, and to take some time to read and critique other people’s writing.

Are you on G+ and participating in the workshop this weekend? What do you think about the idea?