Good Night, Irene

Hope everybody who’s in Irene’s path is staying safe. It’s rare for a hurricane to smack New England around, though it does happen. I remember Gloria in 1985, which took out a huge weeping willow next door. Fortunately it fell away from their house and into a section of our yard that was open. And I’ve seen pictures of the 1938 hurricane that damaged several buildings in my hometown.

Down here, Camille is the one people talk about when they think of bad hurricanes. Some of the Nelson County residents who died in Camille just disappeared — their bodies never were found. More recently, Isabel got hung up crossing the Blue Ridge in 2003 and dumped 20.5 inches of water on one section of our county, flooding many places in the eastern portion of the county as the water flowed down to the Chesapeake Bay. That was a long night.

We’re just too far west of Irene to get much more than rain and some wind, but most of my family is on the South Shore and Cape Cod in Massachusetts, so I’m hoping they ride out the storm in one piece. If they’re keeping with tradition, my parents will have a Monopoly game going. All three of us learned how to play during a hurricane. (Gloria for my sister and me, Bob for my brother.)