First review of Thrown Out!

I just got my first review of Thrown Out posted at Amazon — five stars!

Jennie Coughlin’s Thrown Out is a wonderful creation. Her stories have an authentic small town feel, and after reading them I would swear I know her characters in real life. Their lives ring true, and the everyday challenges they face could easily be mine or those of my friends and family. I care about these people and I want to know more about them. Jennie’s writing flows so well that reading her work is a pleasure. Exeter is a place I look forward to visiting again soon!

If you’ve finished Thrown Out, please take a moment to post a review at Amazon, Smashwords, Goodreads — wherever you talk books — and let others know what you think about it. Yes, even if you hated it. 🙂


Also, if you’ve been waiting for the print edition, it should be available on Amazon next week, selling for $5.99. If you don’t like ordering online, you can also ask your bookstore to special order it. Most booksellers are happy to do so. As soon as it’s available, I’ll post the details.