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I’m tackling the Rory’s Story Cubes Challenge, which involves rolling the nine picture dice and writing a story that uses all nine elements in the resulting story. Since these are writing exercises, editing is generally limited to spelling, grammar, etc. No major content editing, so they’re not nearly as polished as my published Exeter stories.


My current round of Story Cubes Challenge prompts comes in a weekly email, and I’ve chosen to use the prompts to draft a novel-in-stories to tell the story of an Exeter character who’s been on the fringes of the books to date: Joe O’Leary. While the eventual published novel-in-stories will be mostly chronological, the dice aren’t that cooperative. As a result, you’re getting the stories out of order. As a bonus for newsletter subscribers, the stories appear there first. I’m migrating them over here with a delay, but arranging them on the Story Cubes Challenge page in chronological order, though there will be pieces missing until I finish the challenge.

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First Impressions


Missing Details


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Will not be posted because it would give away too much of Fate’s Arrow.

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