Meet Exeter’s Residents

We Are ExeterWelcome to Exeter! Like any small town, there are lots of connections among the residents, and they can be tough to follow if you’re new to town. When I started writing Q&As with some characters for the site, modeled after a format the paper I worked for at the time used for its daily local profile, there was much more interest than I expected. In response to reader requests for more, here’s a collection of about two dozen Q&As with the characters, with an introduction by Exeter Ledger editor C.J. Jenkins. Some of these characters are published for the first time here, so don’t be surprised by names you haven’t heard before. You’ll get to hear more of their stories down the line.

The ebook is free, available in Kindle, ePub and PDF formats. If you’re more Gibbs than McGeek in your technology level, ePub is what most non-Kindle ebook readers use. If you need a format that isn’t here, just  mark other and I’ll email you to find out which format you want. You’ll have your new book within 24 hours of signing up.

Yes, you have to sign up for the mailing list to get the free book. If you enjoy the book, please let your friends know about Exeter. As I’ve learned chatting with the other NCIS McGeeks on Twitter, it’s always more fun when your friends know the characters you love so you can talk about them together.

Hope you enjoy your trip to Exeter!

— Jennie

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