Every day

It’s been more than two years since I’ve posted here, and an eventful two years at that. I’ve changed jobs at my office, taken up running, changed offices in my company and switched to writing in first-person POV.

My 2017 vow is to get faster (at running, not writing) so that in 2018, I can run and still have time to write. It’s weird, to set a goal that specifically says I’m not going to try to write, but after seeing how the past couple of years have unfolded, it feels like a necessary one.

Consistency is my bugaboo, both on the page and on the road. I’ll find time for the four-hour writing marathon on Sunday, or the three-hour long run on Saturday. But novels and PRs come from the daily grind, the act of putting pen to paper or sneakers to street every day. Flexing the muscles regularly, and building them to work every day, even on the days where everything feels wrong, it where progress comes from.

When I first started running, a fellow editor and runner reminded me “the first mile is the worst.” It’s true. And while the second mile is better, for me, it’s about Mile 3 where a run starts to feel really good. At the end of this year, I will be hitting that point about 20 minutes into a run, not 40. To get there, I’ll be doing more than just running. Lifting weights, practicing yoga and eating to fuel my muscles all are key to success.

Never fear, I’ll still write. To pair with my plan to run at least a mile each day, I’m writing a #365storycubes ficlet and posting to Instagram each day.