Curious about part of Exeter?

I promise, I haven’t died. I’ve been juggling a few extra balls the past several weeks and one of the side effects has been a lack of blogging. I’ve got one particular aspect that should play itself out in the next week or 10 days, and then I’ll be back to regular blogging, though probably not daily blogging.

In the meantime, several of my fanfic friends have an Unwritten Stories meme going on Live Journal. The idea is you post a prompt for a story I haven’t written yet, and I’ll post one to three (in theory) sentences from it. In actuality, both of the ones I’ve done so far have been several paragraphs. It’s been enough fun that I figured I’d bring it over here for Exeter. So, if you have a story in Exeter you’d like to see that I haven’t written yet, give me a prompt. I’ll give you a snippet. And if the story ends up published at some point, I’ll give you a nod in the acknowledgments as well.


Rule 1: There will be 10 (ten) prompt spots per month.
Rule 2: Tell me in comments a story I haven’t written, and I will give you 1-3 sentences from or about it.
Rule 3: No more than two prompts per person, unless I’ve filled everything and there are available prompt spaces
Rule 4: If you hit on something that would give away a couple of key secrets in the characters’ lives planned for future books, I reserve the right to ask for a substitute prompt.

Prompt 1:

Prompt 2:

Prompt 3:

Prompt 4:

Prompt 5:

Prompt 6:

Prompt 7:

Prompt 8:

Prompt 9:

Prompt 10:

And if you’re an NCIS fan and want to post a fanfic prompt request, that’s at my LiveJournal.