Crossing the line between promotion and spam

Now that I’ve jumped into the indie author world, book promotion is something I’ve been working on. I love social media, so that’s been a focus. But I find myself in a dilemma and want to know what you think, both readers and writers, about the line between good promotion and spam.

A few times in recent weeks, I’ve found people talking up the social media promotional prowess of authors who I followed briefly before dropping because all they did was clog up my feed with promo tweets. I’m not going to name names of either the authors or the people touting them as good examples because I think that runs too great a risk of derailing the conversation. To me, social media is a way to interact with people and connect to them. That might then make them more likely to try the book, but without that connection, it’s just another ad in their stream. I promote my book, but I’d say actual promo tweets are only about 10 percent of my total. I’m sure it could be higher without getting near the spam line.

What’s your take on the line between promotion and spam from writers? As a reader, what’s the point where you get frustrated enough to stop following/friending/circling a writer because it’s too much promotion?


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  1. I think 10-20% is fine, as long as writers are connecting and interacting too. If all they do is link to their book while not offering anything else, I’ll eventually unfollow or ignore them. I think we expect authors to do a certain amount of promotion. I’m becoming more and more forgiving of it. 🙂

    1. Definitely key. I’d say beyond the 10 percent of promo tweets, the rest are about evenly divided among conversations with people and sharing links and other information I think people would be interested in. For me, that feels right. Others might disagree.

  2. My take is about 10-20%, as that seems reasonable. It also depends on how many “feeds” a subscriber has subscribed to as well. I usually unsubscribe/ unlike/uncircle if posts occur every 2-3 hours and that is all the author posts. Because I have so many friends and “subscriptions”, I usually miss most of the posts. I am quite forgiving though, as I know what my options are to stop it. Hope that helps 🙂

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