Circle of Writing Inspiration

Yesterday, I tweeted some lines from my Kindle Blog interview, including the one where I mentioned screenwriter Jesse Stern inspires me, with links to the interview. He saw it, and tagged me on Twitter to tell me I’d inspired him to write yesterday and thanked me. That, in turn, inspired me to write before work today and pushed me well over the 25K mark in my draft, a goal I had set for end of day Friday.

ETA: Coworker’s daughter (age 7) was reading the acknowledgements in the book, saw I’d won a writing award at her age. She won a writing award last year, so she turned to her mom and said “Mommy, she won an award too! Does does mean I could write a book someday?” I’m seriously going to frame today and hang it on a wall.

Has somebody inspired you today? Not just for writing, but for anything? Tell them — it will make their day!

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