Characters Drive Plot: We Are Exeter Update

If you’ve been watching the progress meter in the sidebar, you know I’m almost done profiling the selection of Exeter characters who will appear in We Are Exeter. 🙂 For me, there have been a lot of unexpected bonuses in doing these.

WAE listI knew I’d get a chance to dig into characters I’d thought of for various stories, such as another classmate of Dan, Evan and Liz who returns to Exeter. You’ll see her in a short story at some point this year.

I knew I’d have a chance to flesh out characters who will appear in Books 2, 3 and 4 but weren’t much more than a name before I sat down to work on this.

I didn’t realize that a character I thought I was done with would insist on showing me, through that character’s answers to the questions in the Q&A portion, that this character’s not done. Far from it. The repercussions of the role this character is demanding are going to resonate throughout Exeter.

I still have eight of the 27 profiles to polish off — my project for today, at least until it’s time to go enjoy corned beef and cabbage. (I must admit, I’ve never had them.) Who knows what surprises will show up in the remaining eight profiles?

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  1. Hi Jennie,
    I noticed that on goodreads you selected “Notes from the Firehouse” as one of your to-read books. For unknown authors it’s always hard to get reviews, so if you’re willing to post a review I’ll send you a copy. It took me just about forever to write those seventeen stories. They say writing is rewriting, but I never knew it was rewriting, rewriting and rewriting! When it was published I thought my work was done, but marketing has proven to be almost as challenging. As a fellow writer you probably have encountered similar obstacles, if you’re interested send an address and I’ll mail you a copy.
    Best Regards,
    Doug McCourt

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