Book 2 Test Drive

I’ve been working on Book 2 in the Exeter series for the past several weeks, and it’s grown from a novella telling about that summer mentioned in Bones of the Past to a bigger, deeper novel about a summer that changed Dan’s life.

To corral the rabid plot bunnies that have been hopping through my brain, I’ve been fiddling with back-jacket copy to keep the subplots from taking over. As part of that, I’m throwing it out there for you to read and let me know what you think. Does it sound like something you’d pick up if you read that on the shelf or Amazon page? Why? Why not? (And if what you read doesn’t sound like the characters you know in Thrown Out, well, there’s a reason this summer was so important in Dan’s life and in Exeter’s past…)

Book 2: Dan Reilly is the most popular guy in school, star running back for the football team. His favorite cousin Liz is the other end of the social ladder and they both go along with that in public. To hide this from new friend Evan, he agrees to explore the forbidden marsh. Now the South Boston mob is after Dan’s family and nobody in town wants anything to do with him — except Liz and a few adults willing to risk fighting back. Dan has to fight the corrupt police chief, the people he thought were his friends and himself to keep his hometown from being torn apart.

I’m looking forward to hearing what you think in comments! And be brutally honest, please!

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    1. Thanks JG! What intrigued you, specifically? What questions does it leave you with? What lines/phrases make you think “I want to read that!”?

      1. You intrigued me wit Dan and Liz at the opposite end of the social ladder. I want to know how they work that in their circles. I’m also dying to see how Dan manages the threat from the mob. You won me over with a resourceful young man fighting a threat without traditional safety nets.

  1. Okay – first of all, you know I’ll buy the book. Most of all because “Thrown Out” has me very intrigued to learn more about these people. So, I’d probably tag the bag with something like “Heard one part in Thrown Out – here’s the story”.

    But what I don’t follow is this text: “His favorite cousin Liz is the other end of the social ladder and they both go along with that in public. To hide this from new friend Evan…” Liz is poor/rich and Dan is rich/poor? Dan is popular and LIz isn’t – but what you mean by “go along with that in public”? Liz is mob/Dan isn’t? And what is the “this” they are hiding from Evan if they “go along with that in public”?

    I’d still be intrigued enough to read the book, but I’d puzzle over that language.

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