Back in the Northeast

CV paddle 2

I’ve been quiet for a while, mostly because lots of things have been in flux. Several weeks ago, I moved to a group of my company’s upstate New York papers, so between packing, moving and getting settled, life’s been crazier than normal. The bad news is I’m now a Red Sox fan in the heart of Yankees territory. The good news is I’m now only a couple hours from Massachusetts, so I can get back to my hometown more often. I also have a better work situation in terms of insanity levels, mostly because it’s a bigger newsroom. And you’re wondering why you care about that.

The benefit for you is that I have more time to write, and I’m much closer to my source of inspiration. There are two Exeter works-in-progress right now: the story of when Chris came to Exeter and the second Mob Chronicles book. You’ll see the Mob Chronicles book first for a few reasons, but I’m hoping to read from both of them at an appearance in Massachusetts in early September. Details TBA.

Other news: We Are Exeter is now free for everybody who signs up for the mailing list. I don’t send a lot of emails, but you’ll find out about appearances and new books first, plus possibly get some sneak peeks. If you had already signed up and don’t have a copy of We Are Exeter, email me at and let me know what email you signed up with and what ebook format you want.

(Photo taken in my local state park from a kayak. Brainstorming while paddling is one of the benefits of the move.)