Architectural sightseeing — and research

I spent part of this weekend up in Washington, D.C., researching neighborhoods and other information for Book 3 in the series, aka Fate’s Arrow. Because both Book 3 and Book 4 will deal heavily with architecture, local history and historic preservation, I knew I needed to find the right neighborhoods in DC and get a real feel for them from a visual standpoint.

It was a fun trip because local history has been an interest since my fourth-grade social studies teacher did a unit on my hometown’s history. An American architecture class in college was one of my favorite electives. And I live in a town that’s well-known for historic preservation. So wandering around neighborhoods to find the one where I could picture Ellie and Will living, given everything I know about them, led me to all sorts of great buildings. Some were impressive as a whole. Others, like the church shown above, needed a second look for the small details that made them special, like this cornerstone.

You won’t see much of this focus in Unburied, since it takes place when Dan’s in middle school. But if you know somebody who has an interest in these topics, I think they’re going to like what’s coming in Exeter’s future.

Oh, and more pictures to come when I have a chance to crop and upload.