Announcing Rory’s Story Cubes Challenge, Take 2

Today, David Masters and I were chatting on Twitter about Rory’s Story Cubes and he asked if the Story Cubes Challenge still was running. Well, it never really ran in the first place. Mark Bruno had the idea, I found his post and took up the challenge. But I’m not sure anybody but Mark and me ever tackled it.

So today, I’m launching my own Story Cubes Challenge. Here’s the plan:

  • Each Wednesday, I’ll post an image of nine Story Cubes, a mix of the original set and the Action cubes expansion pack.
  • Between then and the following week’s post, write a short piece of fiction using all nine cubes. If you don’t know where to start, here’s a post I did at the request of the Rory’s Story Cubes folks on writing with the cubes.
  • Anybody is welcome to participate. Just post a link to your finished piece in comments on the week’s post.
  • The challenge will be 108 weeks — one for each image on the cubes from the two sets. You can do one week, 10, 43 or all 108. If you’re finding this in Week 27, feel free to go back and use earlier prompts. They’ll all be tagged.
  • No word limits, either minimum or maximum.

Here’s Week 1:

Hanging, shouting, pushing, thought bubble, padlock, turn arrow, arrow, dancing, question mark


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    1. I’ve had them – ordered them from Ireland because they weren’t available in the U.S. until right around Christmas. And, noted. 😉

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