Discretion: A Drabble Challenge Response

This week’s prompt for the drabble challenge was “practice.” Again, a word that could have worked for several of the characters. I ended up going with Becca, who might be my favorite character in Exeter. This week, at least. 😉


Becca fumed as Anderson drove off, Frances in the front seat and baby Ellie in the back. Her sister looked back, her face growing smaller with distance

The next time, she bit her tongue. And the one after that.

As Ellie grew up, it got harder.

“Aunt Becca, Daddy says I shouldn’t make a mess.”

“Aunt Becca, Dad says dishes need to be done this way.”

“Aunt Becca, why doesn’t Dad like Riordan?”

Becca deflected or softened her words. After Frances died, she refrained so she wouldn’t lose contact with Ellie.

Her brother-in-law couldn’t take Ellie away. She hoped, anyway.

Like reading about Becca and Ellie? Here’s another story from when Ellie is a child: Summer Getaway 


Unseen: A Drabble Challenge Response

One fanfiction site I frequent recently started a weekly drabble challenge, so I stole the prompt for an Exeter story. Yes, I also did the fanfiction one, too. Four of them, in fact, one for each show I watch. If you’re not familiar with drabble, they’re 100-word pieces. Telling a story in exactly 100 words is the challenging part.

This week’s prompt is “university,” which could have applied to many of the characters since Exeter’s a college town. But there was one it seemed perfect for because it touches on a story I’m hoping to tell once I finish wrestling the story of how Chris and Dan met to the ground.


Brochures, fliers, applications: swept away. Evan dumped them in the trash can behind the house, then wheeled it around to the curb. The kitchen counter would be full again tomorrow. More wasted paper.

The senior walked inside. His father was grading papers.

“Did you finish your college applications yet?” he asked, not looking up. “The deadlines are coming up.”

“All taken care of,” Evan said. He grabbed his windbreaker, slung a backpack over one shoulder. “I’m going to study.”

Minutes later, he walked into the fire station, EMT textbook in hand. “I finished this week’s homework and next week’s, Chief.”