Characters Drive Plot: We Are Exeter Update

If you’ve been watching the progress meter in the sidebar, you know I’m almost done profiling the selection of Exeter characters who will appear in We Are Exeter. 🙂 For me, there have been a lot of unexpected bonuses in doing these.

WAE listI knew I’d get a chance to dig into characters I’d thought of for various stories, such as another classmate of Dan, Evan and Liz who returns to Exeter. You’ll see her in a short story at some point this year.

I knew I’d have a chance to flesh out characters who will appear in Books 2, 3 and 4 but weren’t much more than a name before I sat down to work on this.

I didn’t realize that a character I thought I was done with would insist on showing me, through that character’s answers to the questions in the Q&A portion, that this character’s not done. Far from it. The repercussions of the role this character is demanding are going to resonate throughout Exeter.

I still have eight of the 27 profiles to polish off — my project for today, at least until it’s time to go enjoy corned beef and cabbage. (I must admit, I’ve never had them.) Who knows what surprises will show up in the remaining eight profiles?

Coming Soon: We Are Exeter

That mystery March release I mentioned the other day? As newsletter readers know, it’s We Are Exeter, a collection of profiles of the characters in Exeter, written by Exeter Ledger editor CJ Jenkins.

Some of these character profiles you might have seen: they’re in the Exeter Ledger section of this site. And you’ve met many of the characters in either Thrown Out, even though their profiles haven’t been available anywhere. But you’ll also get a chance to meet other characters who haven’t yet appeared in any published Exeter works. Yet, obviously, is the key word. If you like reading tea leaves — or devouring spoilers for your favorite shows — you’ll find some intriguing bits of information to speculate upon in many of these profiles. More details and the cover reveal will be coming soon. For now, I’m focusing on polishing off the last of the profiles.

Which Exeter characters are you looking forward to learning more about?

Keeping the Author Honest

I did some blog housekeeping today, and one of the things I’ve added is a progress meter for my various Exeter projects over in the right sidebar. You’ll notice the March one is deliberately vague — newsletter subscribers will find out the details Tuesday. Everybody else will find out in about 10 days. You’ll be able to buy it starting March 31.

The April story, though, is one I’ve already mentioned, so no secrets there. If you’ve been wondering exactly how Dan and Chris met, you’ll get your answer April 29. The biggest question mark on that one is the length. I put my best guess down there, but the last time I predicted a story would be 15,000 words, it was my first NCIS fanfic which ended up being novel-length. So we’ll see…

As I start digging into more projects, I’ll add more tickers so you can see how much progress I’m making. Heckling and nagging are always welcome. Now, off to the coffee shop to get some new words down on paper…

New Faces Coming to Exeter

I wrote about 3,000 words today on an Exeter project that should be available at the end of the month (ebook only). I knew this was going to involve a couple of characters who had only been referenced in unpublished pieces up to this point, and they weren’t much more than names. One of them just came to life as I was working on that section! So much so, in fact, that I’m pretty sure she’s going to end up taking a main role in a story at some point.

I’m digging back into the project now, and I’ll have more details about it coming in a week or two.

The deleted 1991 scenes I mentioned the other day will start going out this week, so if you’re not already on the mailing list, please take a minute and sign up. It’s the only way you’re going to get to read these “missing” All That Is Necessary scenes.

Also, while my fiction schedule is always subject to the demands of the paper — between state basketball playoffs and a rare March snowstorm, this was a particularly crazy news week — I have the next four Exeter releases scheduled, one per month in March, April, May and June. Newsletter subscribers will get a sneak peek at the March one with this week’s deleted scene. Everybody else will find out closer to the release date. (Yes, there are benefits to subscribing to the newsletter.)

All That Is Necessary on The Bookcast

bookcastI’m over at The Bookcast today talking with Bill about All That Is Necessary, Exeter and just what happens when past and future collide. As always, Bill does a great interview, and it was fun to be on the other end of the questions for a change. He and I also talked after Thrown Out was published, and you can see that interview (and one with Roz Morris) down the bottom of the page.

Behind the Scenes: What Didn’t Make It In All That Is Necessary

FB pollSome of you know that originally, All That Is Necessary was set completely in 1991. That means there’s a lot of what happened that summer that is never seen in the final version of the book. While you don’t need to see any of the scenes that didn’t make it into the final cut, some of you have said you very much would like to.

Starting next week, I’m going to send out a “missing scene” to newsletter subscribers each week for four weeks. I’ve got a poll up on my Facebook page with some of the possibilities, based on your comments. If you’re interested, go vote — and make sure you’re signed up for the newsletter so you get the scenes starting next week. They won’t be posted anywhere else.